<i><a href=''>New! Soullimit Ecobomber Quilted Polyfill Jacket, Made in Vento.  Available in Men's & Women's styles.																	</a></i> <i><a href='http://www.hurricaneracing.com/content.php?content_id=158'>					Colorful, new, Sonia Speciale Mexican design SS3 race suit in action!																					</a></i> <i><a href='http://www.hurricaneracing.com/products.php?view=64'>					Now taking orders for the new full custom print SLG37 Armour jacket from Soullimit of Italy. New specs for 2013-14 include 150gr PrimaLoft™ insulation, 180gr/m2 Polyester outershell w/ eVent™ 30k/15k membrane.												</a></i> <i><a href='http://www.hurricaneracing.com/content.php?content_id=158'>																									Peyton Charest, Age 11; Whitefish Mountain Alpine Race Team wearing the Soullimit SS3P TYPHOON OA.    Photo by Paul Bussi-idealphotography.com																												</a></i> <i><a href=''>	Asagio Master World Cup 2013, Full Custom Print SLG32 jacket, call for more info!								</a></i> <i><a href='http://www.hurricaneracing.com/content.php?content_id=158'>Mallory Kelley wearing the Soullimit SS3OP Gloom BK race suit. Available for pre-order or from the online store.																	</a></i> <i><a href=''>If your group is serious about their cycling apparel they should be wearing Soullimit custom cycling apparel from Italy.									</a></i> <i><a href='http://www.hurricaneracing.com/content.php?content_id=134'>																																			Custom Race suits by Soullimit.  Call 1-800-639-3166 for more info on custom suits for your team!	Team Narragansett 2013 @ Wachusett																																														 Mt.</a></i>

Stormtech Fall 2013 Catalog

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2013 Custom Alpine Workbook

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Soullimit 2012/13 Winter Collection Catalog

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DGP1 Ecobomer quilted jacket. 180g Valtherm insulation with high insulation factor, with i

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About Hurricane Racing

We are Hurricane Racing

Originally started in the mid-80's as Hurricane Mtn. Optics, Hurricane Racing grew out of the need for a good Team Service company to provide expert technical service on the US Pro Tour as well as World Cup, Nor-Am's, and other regional series. This endeavor was abandoned in the late 80's and the original partners headed their own ways. One still has a Ski & Bike shop at Mt Hood that uses the Hurricane Racing name. An agreement between the original founders and the Hurricane Racing Team in MI, allowed the name to be used for race programs in MI and the Hurricane Racing Ski Camps at Mt. Hood and other locations.
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